Tuesday! (… after Monday, yes) Program, OC-guided tour of the village: 2011-2012 1 comment Class Discovery: PICTURES !!! (Monday) by the School of Belmontet 27/03/12 – 23:30 In: Exploration, visit Some pictures of our activities Monday … (you will find the minutes in the „class blog“) A beautiful hike on a nature trail of beauty. 2011-2012 1 comment Our visit of the dune … By School Belmontet on 13/04/11 – 5:46 p.m.

In: Exploration, Wednesday, April 13 visit Told by Margot Margot Clarisse Clarisse and Chloe Chloe 2010- 2011 8 comments the sunrise and sunset for School Belmontet on 18/04/11 – 7:59 p.m. sunrise Clarisse Aurelie Chloe 2010-2011 5 comments meals trapper for School Belmontet 19 / 04/11 – 9:47 in: Food for dinner, we sat by the fire behind the logs which delimited the security perimeter. To make a campfire website for homework answers
must request permission from the town hall, and the fire department.

Alice Mathilde Mickael 2010-2011 2 comments Follow the son! Belmontet School By 18/04/11 – 8:56 p.m. In Creation, Expression Arts> Visual Arts Math> Geometry Math Back from the forest walk, Ninon looked up and photographed every son she found!

Ninon 2010-2011 5 comments Labenne For School Belmontet on 12/04/11 – 6:19 p.m. In: Exploration, visit Monday, April 11, 2011 Minutes of Chloe This morning we left at 9:15 of the school. Thierry and Jean-Louis put the suitcases in the hold of the bus and we took our bag-to-back picnic at noon.

Chloe 2010-2011 2 comments Land games … By Art School Belmontet on 18/04/11 – 7:12 p.m. In Creation, Expression Arts> Visual Arts We looked at the book kind of players together.

It is a book that shows the games made with the elements of nature. We chose the games that we liked most: the target, dominoes and the labyrinth and we made them. 2010-2011 3 comments Advice For School Belmontet on 18/04/11 – 7:26 p.m.

In: Life of the cooperative class citizenship Reporting Ninon dictated by Sarah. Every day we made advice. The first allows us to write the rules of life during our stay, and note any ideas for activities. Other days it was used to decide our schedule of the day. 2010-2011 Sarah 1 2 next> last »
By Catherine Chabrun on 11/04/16 – 1:04 p.m.

In: Gr. New Educator news web site The fifth edition of Jean Zay talks was held Wednesday, October 19, 2016 at the launch of a special issue of new Educator and the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Celestin Freinet, its creator. The interview was filmed, just click on the picture …. Add Comment
3 Results Second book of the year by the first high school class ES Rosa Parks on 06/11/18 – 9:16 p.m.

In Creation, French phrase From January to May, over the activities. 2017-2018 1 attachment Journal of the 1st ES Rosa Parks High School, Issue 2 (May 2017) For the first ES High School Class Rosa Parks on 07/01/17 – 6:53 In Creation, Expression This second issue appeared in the imminent end of the year and review. It appears as the first on the list of additional documents that have accompanied the students to the oral tray, among other more conventional materials.

1st Class ES Rosa Parks High School from 2016 to 2017 1 attachment Journal of the 1st ES School Rosa Parks By ES 1st high school class Rosa Parks on 12/02/17 – 4:28 p.m. the 2016-2017 class 1 attachment
In: The Educator For teachers review teaching techniques> notebook Life Movements> Freinet movement> Life ICEM November 1982 Print
Jean-Marie Payan on 28/04/10 – 4:12 p.m.

In: GD 76 – Seine-Maritime Fort presentation of the group presentation by Claude Beaunis this morning, I put into practice what I have learned and you offers this booklet that we give to students during our interventions. See the next meetings of GD 76 Attachment Size plaquette_ICEM 66.43 KB Add new comment
By Catherine Chabrun on 18/12/10 – 7:02 p.m.

In: GD 75 – Paris presentation of the group’s IPEM (Paris Institute of Modern School) is a departmental component of the movement Freinet the ICEM- Freinet (Institute cooperative Modern School) for France and FIMEM (International Federation of Movements of Modern School) for international. The IPEM includes teachers wanting to exchange and compare their teaching practices: mutual enrichment, training Freinet, deepening practical, research and innovation … – For a modern school that prepares children today to take part in tomorrow’s world. – For the management of the whole person: self-co-socialization. – For a child-centered pedagogy: expression, creation, communication, trial and error, individualization of learning, accountability … – For a respectful school of children’s rights.

The meetings are monthly in the school of one of the members IPEM. The dates and locations of upcoming meetings A highlight: the living room of the Freinet pedagogy at the House of steelworkers Contact: Elise Dubec, elisedubecgmail.com (elisedubecgmail.com) Library IPEM List of books on loan Reporting IPEM meeting of 3 June 2015 IPEM Reporting meeting of May 6, 2015 IPEM Reporting meeting of April 8, 2015 IPEM Reporting meeting of December 4, 2013 Minutes of the meeting of June 19, 2013 Minutes of the meeting of 26 September 2012 Minutes of the meeting of August 30, 2012 Minutes of the meeting of June 20, 2012 Minutes of the meeting of January 17, 2012 Minutes of the meeting of December 14, 2011 Minutes of the December 2010 meeting Minutes of the meeting of October 12, 2011 Minutes of the meeting of November 23, 2011 Minutes of the meeting of September 21, 2011 Minutes of the January 2011 meeting Minutes of the August 30, 2011 meeting Minutes for the Exhibition April 9, 2011 Account of Meeting of March 2011 Proceedings of the September 2010 meeting Reporting IPEM meeting of June 3, 2015> Print Add comment

By Melissa Dantec on 26/04/17 – 16:45 In: GD 78 – Yvelines presentation of the group We are a small group of teachers and teachers to meet 1 to 2 times per period to exchange our practices around classes in Freinet. The themes are given in advance, and we dedicate 1h30 theme on the 3 hour meeting. Welcome!!! See the next meetings of GD 78 Add Comment Hello By Visitor, 07/17/17 – 11:21.

I look for teachers who practice Freinet and Institutional college. Happy Holidays ! Christine respond Observation placement For Visitor, 08/12/17 – 1:04 p.m.. Hello, I seek a teacher or a teacher willing to accept me into his class to an observation internship because I prepare the PERC and I am very interested in cooperative learning. listening to you, Emilie KALIFA emilievigneronhotmail.com respond 01/23/18 Enter Freinet / Meeting with C. Chabrun By Visitor, 01/18/18 – 24:02.

Hello, South union education 78, the collective class questions (s) and bookstore The new reserve organize a meeting with Catherine Chabrun on his book Enter Freinet and members of Freinet 2d degree Ile-de-France group on Tuesday January 23 at 19:30 at the bookstore the new reserve information and detailed presentations here http: //sudeducation78.ouvaton.org/Entrer-en-pedagogie-Freinet-rencontre -… meet Find a primary school freinet By Visitor, 04 / 02/18 – 8:46. Hello, I feel that my child will be in trouble in the conventional approach and prefer a dynamic emulation freinet.

She returned to the Pc next year and mistress lot of homework very strict approach … the pleasure of learning seems not to be engine. I’m looking for an alternative. We live chatou 78400. forward Aurelie answer
By Gregory Genet 08/02/10 – 11:17 p.m. In: GD 79 – Deux Sevres group presentation Learn all meetings of ICEM 79 Deux-Sevres, please contact us at the following address: gd79icem -freinet.org the appointment of the year are in the meeting schedule.

Soon, Gregory Genet for Icem 79 Add Comment
By Mehdi Drici on 05/07/11 – 0:12 In: GD 77 – Seine-et-Marne presentation of the group meetings, meetings, GA … For more information (dates and content of the meetings. ..): click here Who are we?

Founded in 1997, the Group of Eastern Paris Modern School (GEPEM) wants to be an association federating anyone interested in the practice and knowledge of education and political alternatives offered by the Freinet pedagogy. To do this: – he organized several meetings open to all in the year (see section meetings), – it has a stock of books, videos and files to be borrowed by members, – it provides a discussion list and exchanges (to register to make a request to this address: gepemicem-freinet.org). Members of GEPEM can also intervene in your application to organize training modules on issues related to cooperative learning.

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